Georent Ltd is the first company in Georgia providing the rental service for construction tools
and equipment. All construction companies in various countries come to conclusion that renting
of the tools and equipment is more cost-effective than purchasing and covering further storage
We offer a wide spectrum of equipment, tools and supplies. We are ready to ensure friendly,
reliable service and provide our customers with high quality equipment. A short list of key
equipment of various categories is the following:
air compressor rental, generator rental, concrete mixer and concrete cutter rental, air and forked
crane rental, mini truck rental, loading equipment rental, mini loaders and perforators rental,
destruction equipment rental, lawn and garden devices rental, including, chained saw, lawn
cutter and cultivators rental, floor maintenance means rental, carpet cleaners and carpet
polishers rental, pressure washers rental.
We offer you a rental service and in addition, we sell high quality tool kits and equipment with
wide variety of accessories from our partners. We have all you need and with our practical
expertise, we can support you to perform your work in due course.
Our View
To provide high quality products in market prices along with the qualified personnel ensuring a
proficient customer service.
Systematic research and provision of highest quality innovative products will allow you to
streamline your company’s workflow process and maximize its productivity.
Do you need it? Rent! Contact us and you will get the required construction equipment in
a shortest possible time!